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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Neenah paper review via Shoplet.com

It's time for another Shoplet.com review! As you know, Shoplet has a plethora of office supplies to fit any type of office needs. This one was fun. It's for Neenah Colored Paper and Colored Card Stock. Vibrant, neon colored paper and card stock that made my yard sale signs fun and easy to see. They also withstood the wind and rain better than I did.
I tested them out by printing the signs as well as writing with various colored markers to show what works well with them.
The card stock is definitely a heavy quality. It's durable.
The colors didn't run too much in the rain, which impressed me. I don't use things like  this often, but every once in a while I need something to brighten the day and these sure did!

Don't forget to check out the other things that Shoplet has to offer such as; medical supplies, office stationary, and promotional items that are great for getting your business name out there.
What would you use these products for?


  1. These would be great for anyone who crafts!! Homeschoolers, church nurseries, and teachers might stock up on these products.