Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Printique Canvas Review and How to Beautify Your Home With Them

I love having things hanging on the wall. From posters, to beautiful landscapes to prints of our family. But not all companies that provide these things are equal. 

*Disclaimer: This review was in thanks to Printique for the free 8x10 canvas print. All opinions are strictly my own, however, and were not otherwise paid for or endorsed.*

I have been introduced to a brand that I have fallen in love with - Printique. I met them through my association with US Family Guide. And I have added to the aesthetics of our home with their help. 

Printique offers high quality prints that come in a great variety. I have ordered this one from their canvas prints. This canvas that featured one of my favorite parts of our trip to Israel will hang proudly once we are moved. It displays my husband and I standing before a waterfall in En Gedi, Israel. I wanted a prominent display of this treasured memory. So I ordered it from Printique! 

I was not disappointed. It came on a wrapped canvas. I prefer to have the photo wrap around the edges, however, there are 3 options to choose from in the styles you can use.

It is wrapped on a sturdy wooden frame. And best yet, it comes with the accessories needed to hang it already attached and ready to use.

They include an instruction card to keep you on the right track.

I am also impressed with the care they put into making sure that the mail carriers don't damage it during the shipping process. I have had many packages come in crushed from the US Postal Service workers, but not the one from Printique.

Want to get your own? 

They want to entice you even further (as if my review isn't enough *wink wink*). So they are offering you a discount! 

When moments matter, print them. Printique is an online photo boutique that specializes in printing memories on photo books, prints and wall decor. Take the time to print your life for you and your little ones. Save 15% on your first order with code: WELCOME15


  1. Wow! That looks great! Such nice quality

  2. I like how you showed the back. It is helpful to see how to hang it up. Very nice quality

    1. So glad that was useful! It is a much better hanging mechanism.