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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Spin Master Party Games for the Win!

When it is too cold outside, you.... Have a game night! My family loves playing board games. There is always something new to try. Being chosen to host a Spin Master Holiday Game Night party, I was able to introduce our family to 3 new ones! 

*Disclaimer: I was sent these games for the sole purpose of hosting a party and sharing my opinions. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed. All opinions are strictly my own.* 

Time to get together!
You know that old Christmas song about the weather outside being frightful? (I imagine Dean Martin singing it - Let It Snow). Well, while we don't get much snow here, the weather gets frigid. The wind blows. And I don't want to go outside. If we had a steady supply of wood that didn't cost a fortune, we would have a fire going. All. The. Time. Hot chocolate and eggnog drinks. Home baked cookies. And board games! Who needs to go outside when that is the dream come true?! 

Families are getting together for the wonderful Christmas holiday. But what should you do during the slow times? For some of us, we have whole weeks to fill. What better way than try out some new games? Spin Master has 3 that our family has enjoyed. 

The Sock Game

We tried The Sock Game first. As described on the box - it is the ultimate race (in a sock). This one is fast paced. Each sock has items poured into it. There is a spinner that has the items around a circle. You can play with two players or create two teams with multiple players. We had teams. My husband spun and called out the item to be found. Each teams player dug in the sock, feeling around and trying to find that one item among the many! First one to find it, got a point. I will admit, this one was tough! Bigger hands had a hard time in the slender socks. The kids enjoyed it most of all. 

Reverse Charades

Next came Reverse Charades. I don't think I'm very good at acting out in this one! But it was hilarious nonetheless. One person has to interpret the entire groups acting to figure out the words on the cards. You have an hourglass timer set, so call out those words and guess them correctly as quickly as you can! This was the favorite game in our party. Laughter rang out through it all. Definitely suggest adding it to your game shelf! It is even on the holiday toy list.


I have to admit, we have not been able to play this one yet. Didn't have time at the party and have been dealing with sicknesses since. But the kids can't wait! So instead of telling you what we thought, I can tell you what it is about. 
In basic terms, it is a "What am I?" game. You wear a headband and your card is tucked in front where everyone else can see it, but you can't. You have to ask questions to figure out what is on your card! You can even download an app that enhances the game play. This one is also on the Holiday Toy List this year.

                                                     Where can you get yours? 
Best bet is Amazon. Target doesn't have some and Walmart was more expensive. You can check here for them! Amazon - The Sock Game, Hedbanz, Reverse Charades

Let me know what you think about these games in the comments below! I love hearing from you all.


  1. I've never heard of the sock game! We have played reverse charades with the kids and they love that one!