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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Today is that one day a year, dedicated to honoring and loving the "Mother's" in our life. A day when we remember and are remembered for all the things we do. All the sacrifices we make daily. All the love we pour out for our children. Being a parent is the hardest job on earth. No matter what anyone says. Nothing is more difficult than raising a child. It is more than just feeding, bathing and clothing them. You have to teach them. From the language to the movements, from hygiene to manners, from self esteem to thinking for themselves and thinking of others. You are preparing the next generation for life. And you only have so many years to do it! Some kids stick around well into adulthood. Some take off the moment they reach legal adulthood. Or sooner... There is no instruction manual. You have to play it by ear. While relying on experiences, if you have any. I was the oldest of 10. I was the original test for my parents. I had experience with changing diapers and cooking. I knew some other things, but not how to deal with personality traits. Not the intricate details. Those I had to learn day by day while seeking advice and encouragement from the women in my life who had already been there and done that. It is a lifetime job. Even after your child grows up and moves away. After they start their own journey. They may still return to you for advice, encouragement and guidance. 
Remember those in your life who are Mother's. Moms, Nana's, Aunts - any woman who may have been there to play that role in your life. They are not always the ones related by blood either. One of my "Nana" figures is "adopted". However, she was far better to me than many of those people I was born related to. She was there for me, even in the times I didn't want her advice. Even when I thought I knew it all. She loved me regardless and stuck through the hard times with me. My Mother has been there from day one. She never gave up on me, even when times were so hard that she considered it. She fought for me. She believed in me. I would not be the woman I am today without her. My godmother, my Nana, my Mother and sister-laws, my Nana by marriage - these are all women I look up to in some ways or other. I respect them. I love them. And I'd give them all the world if I could. They each have a life story that has encouraged me in some way. 

Though today is dedicated to Mothers, do not limit your love to just today. Let today be the day you go out of your way more so than any other day, but let every other day still be days you let them know you love them very much. And remember this, they won't always be there. 

Happy Mother's Day!