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Monday, October 16, 2017

Space to Spare Book Review

*Disclaimer: I was sent the digital copy of the book to review and write my own honest opinions about by US Family Guide*
Being organized is important to me. But staying there is quite difficult. I've read books, received tips and been trying to keep up.
That's where Space to Spare: A Mom's Guide to Organization by Debbie Lillard comes in handy. She walks you through the steps after presenting the problematic scenario. And it's not just about physical organization. Mom's need to have their time organized as well. After all, how can we tackle the mountain of tasks when we can't prioritize them first?

She lays out ways to organize your things. How many of us have lost things and bought something to replace it only to find the lost thing later? *raises hand here* This chapter leads to the next about organizing your home. Once you know your things, you can organize how efficiently the home runs.
I like the section about decluttering my time. I don't know about you, but I am terrible about overcrowding my days with tasks that I think I need to have done every day. I overwhelm myself. The truth is, there are some things that only need to be done weekly. Some things can be done monthly. And then a few can be done daily.
I'm learning to keep things organized by functionality. Like keeping bags for dirty diapers near the trash can.
It's the little things that do add up in helping us Moms keep things rolling smoothly.
This book is great for Mom's who seriously want help getting life organized. I don't think every solution is for every individual. We are all different with our own needs and situations, but like any organizing help it can give you ideas to get you started.


  1. I am working on this right now. I am following a video series on youtube by clutterbug. She is doing a 30 day clean up. Today was set your clock for 15 minutes and go through your shoes. I was cleaning my closet and found shoes I waisted 30 minutes looking for (and didn't find) a couple weeks ago. I go to Walmart and buy tank tops almost every time I go. I found those. Had so many I go rid of around 6. I folded things and organized most of my stuff in the closet and I feel great. I love opening a drawer and seeing everything at a glance. I feel a bit lighter and free also. I think people should read this and see if it will help them

    1. I love the clutterbug videos! I've been using it to go through the things we have here. Its amazing how I keep finding things to get rid of.