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Saturday, June 10, 2017

You got your license where?!

As I look at the calendar, I see that a week has passed that I have been married!
How does time pass so quickly without our knowing? It has been a crazy, but very happy week. I have officially sold my motorcycle. It was a sad event, but necessary. God gave me the ability to ride and enjoy it for a time, but He has now decided that I need to give it up. As I’m often reminded, I have 4 kids. I have to stick around to raise them right. And with everyone else being so stupid or reckless on the roads… So yeah.
That brings me to today’s blog post topic. I’m beginning to think that the sad joke about people around here getting their driver’s license from a Cracker Jacks box is actually true! Why, you ask? Because I can’t think of another way that so many idiots could possibly pass the DMV test! I’m starting to think that on their 16th birthday, Mom and Dad gave them a Cracker Jacks box and the prize inside was a license to operate a motor vehicle in Texas.
The number of people I come across, doing ridiculous things on a daily basis is staggering. Do they not teach you that a turn signal is to let people know that you are turning? That it is also a way to signal that you are attempting to change lanes? And that once you have completed such an action, you are to turn it off?! How about parking? There are lines. And those lines signify a space for one vehicle. Unless you are driving a tank of a truck, a vehicle towing a trailer, or otherwise significantly sized vehicle, you should always be within the lines provided. And if you are afraid you won’t be able to finagle your wide load out the door with someone parked next to you, park in the back half of the lot! I should not come out to find your tire in my spot. I should not have to squeeze myself into 3 inches of a door opening because you needed to leave a foot of space for your driver side. And did you know why people call one lane the “fast” lane while the other is the “slow” lane? Because those of you wanting to do 5-20 MPH UNDER the speed limit are to stay to the right. While those of us doing the actual posted limit or higher, stick to the left. Otherwise, you back up traffic behind you. And don’t you DARE jump into the fast lane when you were previously only doing 20 going up the entrance ramp to the highway in your 10-15 year old clunker. You know, and I know, that your car cannot get up to speed fast enough to handle being in front of me when I was doing 70 for the past how many miles?! So instead, I am forced to hit the brakes and get down to 40 in a hurry. Along with 4 cars behind me. Then you look behind you with half-closed eyes and smile. Don’t drive when you are high, you idiot! You can’t focus and everything slows down, in your reality. Not for the rest of us.
This is why I think people here get their license from somewhere other than a Department of Motor Vehicles. Or as the Texans say, Department of Public Safety. Doesn’t seem to promote much in the ways of safety. I mean, lets face it. They gave my deaf and partially blind ex-husband a license. He has Ushers Syndrome. A degenerative disease that causes full blindness. They told him to get glasses and he would pass. Didn’t check for peripheral or verify that he has night vision (which he has neither). But he has a license. And has wrecked so many cars it scares me.
It would seem this is another failed system. Another way the world is dangerous. Be safe out there! Definitely look twice for my fellow bikers. They are there.


  1. Yes, the world is full of idiots with a licence. But remember, you in Texas have plenty of illegals who don't speak (let alone) read English. So there in the hand book that teaches, they don't bother. Just as many don't even drive with a licence. Why should they? They already break the law being here so what's another broken law. Just be careful because many of them don't even get insurance. But that is why Texas has high insurance prices. And as far as the motorcycle, there is a season for all things in life. I drove one but it seems that season of my life if complete and I can now move on. I'm good with it and you will be as well.

    1. Very good point! I didn't even consider that. I also know we have a lot of military that brings driving styles from all over the world to mesh here. Good things to remember on the roads. "To every thing, there is a season."