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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Finding time for Family

In this fast paced age, we are too often on the go. I struggle to balance work with spending time with the kids as well as keeping a clean home. I've had to get creative and keep things fun. Like asking the kids to sweep or vacuum with/for me. I have them each pick a task and tell them that the rewards for doing them are to help mommy, who has pain. Or that once we finish, we can do something fun together. And quicker than if I do it all myself. One of those fun things has been going to the bookstore. My daughter had money from her birthday and they each had completed the Half Price Books summer reading program. 
So they got to pick out books and movies they wanted. Plus my daughter bought a book. 
Tonight, I made a point to take a break from the usual chores to play instead. We took a couple Lego sets out and began to build with the kids. 
We also had smoothies and apple slices with caramel to sweeten the evening activities. They had a blast! 
I had them help me with getting the baby mobile ready for the little lady on the way.
The help we received from my future mother in law, my mother, and the kids made quite the beautiful addition. 
These little moments are swift in passing, but so sweet while they last. I think everyone should make a point to do something fun. Just every so often. And don't forget the bedtime story! 

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  1. Good point. We do need to just be still from time to time and enjoy this life we live.