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Saturday, January 30, 2016

PAX South gaming convention

What a wonderful day! My boyfriend spoiled me like crazy for my birthday this year. I'm getting back into gaming these days, so being surrounded by nerds and games galore was a thrill! Plus the cosplayers... Oh my.... I can honestly say that it was an amazing experience that I want to mark the calendar for every year. And take the kids to it. Virtual gaming is something I'm looking forward to. The chance to stand inside the game after putting on the goggle-looking glasses. To feel myself in the game. Whew! And seeing so many amazing products for gamers. Let me tell something to you.... I can't wait to have my own gaming central in my own home!!! Backlit keyboards aren't the only awesome thing I will have. That's for sure. 
The areas were split up nicely between the types of gaming. Table top (board games), PC (bring your own included!), and consoles. Gaming has taken off these past few years. So many options and styles. So many uses. Stress relief, teaching, or just all out WAR on those who defy your skills. 
There was some pretty cool swag too. Like the Boomb game from Mayfair Games. 
This truck from Alienware was totally awesome! Gaming consoles slide out the rear. Whoo!!! 

This couple of cosplayers were probably my favorites. She's from Portal 2 with her portal hoop. He's the Medic from Team Fortress 2 (who I totally play when I played that game). LOVE it! 
This group was practically begging to have their picture taken. Or maybe just the guy on the end with the Starbucks cups. But I was cracking up with him and loved his enthusiasm. That's what real cosplaying is all about. The fun you bring when you pretend to be your character. 
I can't wait for the next convention. Which should be San Japan! 


  1. Bekah says you look good. Glad to see people having fun. Did you not dress like in your book?

    1. One day I would love to take her and Ethan with me. I decided not to cosplay as I have never been and wasn't sure I should. But I will be later this year.