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Monday, September 1, 2014

Lego KidsFest

Getting there is tricky. Being there is fun!
The location was difficult to reach, especially for us being from San Antonio. It was downtown Dallas, and not much parking that we saw along the way. Parking was $15 a vehicle for under the garage of the building. 
Outside food and drinks are not allowed. And yes, they search bags. We had to leave our snacks outside the doors at the customer service booth. 
Just inside they had the Lost Parents booth. I love this! Fill out a card with your name and number so that if your child gets lost, they can go there to find you. 
There was so much to do!
Unless you time each activity, I don't see how you could fit every single thing into one session. 
If you completed the scavenger hunt within the Lego Club magazine, you scored a free special Duplo brick. We didn't know about this until the end as we were heading out. They also gave away poly bag sets if you completed or participated in certain events. We did the Challenge event of trying to build boats.
Of course, the one I helped my son build looks more like a raft...
As we finished, they gave us Star Wars Lego poly bags. 
In the Mindstorms arena, my oldest got to control technic robots. 
There were lots of building opportunities. Princess, Duplo,
race cars, and even making memories!
You could add a square to the mosaic boards.
Or to the Lego version of the US as told by the fans of Lego who built squares for it. 
Honest Tea provided snacks. There were also dining areas designated though I wouldn't be surprised if the prices were high. We decided to hold out until leaving to get dinner. 
There were a lot of areas for each theme. Duplo, Duplo Disney Princess, Disney Princess, Mindstorms, Star Wars, Hero Factory, Challenge, Master Builder sessions where you could learn about how they do what they do,
Chima and so many others! We also built some stuff in the Friends section and scored a poly bag just for visiting. 
They gave away Lego Club magazines, Super Hero Batman comics, and some Chima themed stuff. 
We had a great time, despite my 3 very tired kids who began begging to go back to the hotel to sleep. Next year I hope to plan a little better. Things like eating before we go, bringing the baby leash to reign in the baby but still allow her to wander around... What things would you enjoy?