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Friday, August 29, 2014

Our trip to Dallas!

Our trip to Lego KidsFest has begun. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, time is not only running out, but so are the availability on tickets. Each day is broken up into sessions and so far Saturday Session 2 is SOLD OUT and Saturday Session 1 and Sunday Session 1 are at LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Hope to see some of you tonight when I'll be at the 4-8 session. 

Like the kink I woke with in my neck, this trip had barely begun and had a kink of it's own. 
Let me start by saying I didn't want to get up this morning. The shower helped, but it's the Monster that truly got the heart pumping. I felt the transition to Energizer Bunny status as I typed. 
I'd just gotten on the highway when my spouse throws up his hands and tells me we have to go home. I'm thinking, what was so important that we forgot?? I have the tickets... iPads... Chargers... What did I miss?! 
"My hat. I left my hat. And I hate how my hair looks. I don't want to be seen in public without my hat."
I take a couple deep breaths as I looked at him. Seriously?!? What is with men who wear hats that can't go out of the house without them? It's like they are naked without them! 
We had to stop by HEB to get this boy some drinks as well. He didn't think to remind me when I was leaving work yesterday that he had no drinks for the trip. Of course he grabs himself some donuts while he's in there. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't hungry. My Monster and a sandwich were enough this morning. But would it kill him to at least ask if I wanted one? They smelled so good and fresh... Then later the kids wanted a snack. Of course I'm still not hungry. But the smell of Doritos and sounds of crunching fill the air around me. I turn up the radio, but nothing really good is on. Time for a cd. And not too soon. Pouring rain makes it difficult to see the vehicle in front of me, kids are beginning to ask that dreaded "Why is it taking so long to get there?" and I forgot to get gum. I confess, I chew gum when I'm nervous so I don't grind my teeth. Driving in the rain makes me nervous. I don't like talking or being distracted at all during my drive in the rain. Wipe out in the rain on a motorcycle some time. You'll understand it better. We go from the toll mph of 80 down to 60 pretty fast. Finally it clears and the beautiful blue sky returns! 
About an hour away from our destination, we have to stop. My energy is drained by the soothing vibrations of the engine coming up through my seat. You know how babies pass out almost the instant you set the car seat in the back? I'm feeling like that. Time to scan the radio again. I was hoping for a good Spanish station to catch my ears. I'm as white as they come, but turn on a good Spanish song and I'll not only be wide awake but I might even dance! 
Back on the road after getting chocolate and Neuro drinks for the driver.
There's a huge billboard advertising Sarah's Secret; a romance boutique. ??? Just wow... 
Our first stop? The Dallas mall. With a garden in the middle of the food court and a library downstairs. This place has class! And check out the paint job on this beauty... 
Throughout this drive, and all the craziness, I've had the pleasure of my little girl sitting behind me and singing. I might feel my stress levels riding the elevator with my blood pressure, but a moment of focusing on her sweetness brings that soothing calm back.
This wasn't on the road, obviously. But how can I resist sharing?! 
Remember those little joys. Especially when you feel lost in the chaos.