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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bislique review via Shoplet.com

Having everything organized and ready to use. That's how my office is supposed to be. That's how I try to keep my home. I have lists all over the refrigerator. I have everything in a neat place. Okay... mostly. I am OCD and everything has to be organized to some extent.
Well, now I have a new list keeper. Thanks to Shoplet.com, I have a new 3-in-1 Planner.
Its an easy-to-erase white board that allows me to write in the month/days, hang notes with the magnets, or pin them up with thumb tacks. It's large enough not to get lost in the maze of things on the wall. It catches everyone's attention, allowing messages and deadlines to be met more efficiently.
There were instructions on proper care of the white board as well as instructions on how to properly hang it and attach the components.
These are great if they are followed. If you are like my husband though, you might just figure it out on your own (even if it takes a little longer).
This is a great way to leave notes and keep the family on track. You can add your own little designs and quirks to personalize it. Definitely a great addition to the office or home.

Don't forget that Shoplet.com offers other things as well. Every kind of office supply you might be looking for. They offer Medical Supplies and Office Stationary now.

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