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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ChildProtect dna analysis review via US Family Guide

I recently wrote about a promotion via US Family Guide for a service from DNA called ChildProtect. Solving crimes is a complex thing that can be moved along and sped up by having certain tools on hand. A DNA analysis is one such tool. When minutes to hours are critical, having your child’s DNA markers ready for law enforcement helps them rule out DNA found at the scene and move on to identifying unknown DNA.
This kit that they send is simple. There is space to keep important information such as name, date of birth, physical markers (birth marks, scars, etc.), nicknames and so on. There is a diagram to mark places on the body that are identifiable. This part you fill out and keep on hand in a safe place (like the safe).

The other part that you send back is a detachable envelope. Inside there are cheek swabs. You swab inside of each cheek for a few seconds. Place it inside the envelope, making sure not to touch the wet end. Then you send it back.
They pay for return shipping. I was a little worried about the envelope as the saliva from the swabs was seeping through it. I don’t know how they protect to make sure that nothing seeps into the envelope and contaminates the samples. Another thing that bugged me, was how long it took. I sent it and waited the 7-10 business days and then waited some more. I checked online thinking I missed the email and needed to check the login page. Finally I received the email that my results were ready. I had an issue checking the results, but after emailing them they fixed it within a day and I got my results.
DDC emails a certificate with the markers outlined and the child’s name on it. I would prefer a real hard copy of the results, as it seems more professional than something I have to print out. They offer the service of having the DNA stored as well as keeping the results online and available for your access for a fee.
Fox News' own Dr. Manny Alvarez has shared information on the importance concerning DNA Fingerprinting. Information provided was, "DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) uses our state-of-the-art, accredited laboratory to construct the DNA profile. Once completed, a certificate of results is created and signed by one of our PhD's. The certificate provides key genetic markers that police use for investigations."
It’s not that bad an idea and could be worth your while in case anything happened involving your child. They do have other services such as paternity tests, immigration DNA tests, forensic testing, adoption testing and more you could check into.  They do have the offer for $50 off using the code Family50. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about this service.


  1. Well I can see how this would be a good thing. I had some years ago that you take a photo and write down markings of the child. Problem is I got busy and didn't update often. DNA doesn't change.

    1. Very true. These markers will always be the same.