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Monday, August 24, 2020

When Curiosity Keeps Us Going

 I've been reading a friends blog posts lately (I hope you will check them out too). He has been writing about things that made him curious. Things that have driven him to learn about something new. And they have been quite inspirational to me. They push me to look at things with eyes wide open. 

Bast Creative has his blog posts under Curiosities. What started as a website to promote his photography has escalated to a deeper look at the ordinary things in life. He often talks about things he has found on his weekly treasure hunts. I admit, I'm quite envious of this. I miss going to yard sales on Saturday mornings. I miss searching for those things that no one else would see value in. Things tell stories. If you can listen for them. Look for the post about turning your lights on! It is one of my favorites. This post is more of a response to his postings. Hats off to a fellow treasure seeker!

So what do I treasure?

I'm an eclectic collector. Normally, I stick with my nerdy tendencies. Minecraft, Stranger Things, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Steampunk, Cosplay - not necessarily in that order, but you get the picture. However, that doesn't mean I'm only drawn to those things. Take the following treasures for instance...

My Fire King Peach Luster Soup/Chili Bowl - I don't know where I found this. I think it happened with my grandfather, but I can't be 100% certain. I fell in love with the luminescent shimmer and the unique shape. Bowls don't often come with built-in handles, you know. They are not standard sized when they can fit comfortably into your hand. I like curling up on the couch, cupping my bowl as I read or watch videos. I've even considered getting more like it, being that they are so inexpensive and we need more bowls. Then again, maybe having just one makes it that much more special. For the longest time, I knew nothing about it except it was beautiful and sparked the dream of a reading nook, in my own home, while snow flakes or leaves fell outside. I had plenty of times when I contemplated getting rid of it, but could never bring myself to do it. After doing some digging, I found they are vintage, but cheap. I learned what kind of a bowl it was and saw so many others. But this one is mine, and that makes it unique to me.

My party bowls - They aren't special besides the fact that they have patterns embedded in them. I think my mom gave them to me many years ago. I especially love pulling them out to bring rolls or chips to parties and events. I feel like I don't get the chance to do it often enough. I was curious and took a closer look at the bottom of the larger bowl. I found Arcoroc and France stamped to the bottom! Sadly, I can't find any that look like mine. Whether they are real or not, I don't care. They are beautiful. And I hope to use them much more over the years. 

My Johann Haviland Forever Spring Platter - I recently found out this piece is from Bavaria, Germany. Who knew? All I knew, was that it was pretty and made a great serving platter. It is another thing that is cheap to buy, but means more just because I like it.

What might be concluded from this? 

I love parties! Well, no. I love cooking and serving up good foods to others. I also love vintage pieces, regardless of them matching. They go well with my views on how a variety makes things interesting. And finally, I love foreign things... Does this mean these are my only treasures? No way! I have some other fantastic things that are not easily accessible, or they would have found a feature spot on this post too. Like my Galadriel and Legolas Barbie dolls from the Lord of the Rings... Or the tiny crystal glass that my grandfather rescued from a condemned house... Oh the memories that come with these!

What about you? What is something you have that wouldn't be worth much to anyone else, but you simply couldn't let it go? Leave me a comment below and please be sure to check out Bast Creative's website and blog. Share the love with a rising blogger!


  1. I love vintage pieces too! What a lovely plate! :)

  2. I haven't quite thought about my treasures but this post has given me something to think about.

  3. Bekah loves the lusterware in that color also.

    1. I looked up lusterware as I hadn't heard of it before. They are beautiful!

  4. Oh I love vintage places too! Mine are probably pots :P i love my pots and i can't let them go as well!

  5. Oh man. I have way too much vintage but I love every bit. Also I love thinking about who may have used this in their lifetime. Like my Pyrex. Did some mom in the 50's make cookie dough for her kids when they got home from school and got a homemade cookie from mom? Did she think her life was mundane and boring? did she not know being home raising her kids was a great job?

    1. I love that too! You never know what life was like for the previous owner, but you can imagine anything. My friends blog had some amazing items you might enjoy seeing.