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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Summer is Halfway Over!

We are midway through summer break. And I am trying to keep the fun going! We still have dentist appointments and then a doctors appointment left. Can't tell you how much I look forward to those being over, but also dreading them... 

One of my favorite parts has been the reading! I read books to the kids often. So far, we are working through our I Survived books by Lauren Tarshis. I take one with us to appointments and even when we run errands. I've also been reading through books that were stored away for so many years. Just finished reading the Lizzy and Diesel series. Really loved them! My younger son has found a series that he can't put down with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The other two have been difficult. My oldest is not a fan of reading no matter what I try. And my daughter... well, she likes something at first and then gets bored halfway through it. Right now, we are testing out The Boxcar Children series. In order to promote their desire to read more, we are all participating in the library reading program. We are all earning prizes through it. They really loved the ice cream they got from it so far. The only thing I've been disappointed with as far as the library goes is their lack of the passes that can be checked out. I have been checking daily, but they are never in. Still hoping to take my family to see the space exhibit before it ends in September though.
I finally did the in the dark treasure hunt. My sister-in-law helped me print out the instructions, which I taped up around the house. The kids loved it! And I have decided that glow sticks are always the perfect prize to have on hand. What's more, there are never enough! 

We went skating with my sister-in-law. Wasn't such a great idea for myself. I'm still recovering... But the kids had a blast! We even played a round of laser tag there.
We had one Nerf gun battle this past week. Talk about awesome! Kids are already asking about when we will do it again. 
They also want us to take out the drones. So we need to head to a park or perhaps they can use them at my mother-in-laws house while we are helping to renovate a bathroom. 

The bake off is next on my list. Can't get it out of my head. Boys versus girls. We have one month left and I need to pack in some more memories! And some more learning... For the next month, my younger son is participating in something called bitWise Academy. He is learning to program and code with Scratch. And he loves it! They are currently having a summer promotion on subscriptions. I highly suggest them if you are wanting to get your kid(s) into STEM learning outside of school. They learn to program and create and also have art lessons for graphic design type programs that are kid friendly.

Speaking of school, don't forget to check the dates and lists on your kids' school website. I have been keeping track of when enrollment happens. And I noticed the supply lists had been posted. So I got a head start on seeing what we are lacking. 
And lastly, I have a birthday party to plan. My oldest daughter is turning 7. SEVEN! Already... I began prepping for a tea party. That was what she had been saying she wanted. I was making dainty invitations with doilies and planning to have a DIY photo booth with glamorous antique purses my Mom had sent her. Then, as I'm going through ideas with her, she suddenly has other theme ideas. No longer does she want a tea party. Oh no. Now she wants a cat themed party. Cats! *shaking my head* What is wrong with my kids? Gone was my sons love for a Minecraft Party. And now my daughter has left tea parties in the past for cats. Well, I'm going to throw her a fantastic cat party. Pinterest will be my go-to! Doesn't mean I'm thrilled about it....

So keep making those memories! Have you tried geocaching? I still want to go hunt out some other ones. Triple digits or not. We just need to get going early in the morning. We also need to visit the book store soon so that I can trade in some of my old ones. And with my younger son wanting to study space, I think my husband needs to pull out that telescope soon... What do you have left on your wish list?


  1. halfway over??? don't say that :'( what are you kids' thoughts on the boxcar kids? I used to love that series as a kid.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

    1. For us, yes. We have about 1 more month before school starts again. I loved the Boxcar kids too! My daughter got bored with it. Her teacher started her on them by reading one in class, but after borrowing one from the library, she was done before she hit the halfway point.

  2. The dark treasure hunt seems fun and exciting. Would love to experience this. Lavern Moore

    1. It was quite a blast. And something that I think I shall try to incorporate again sometime.

  3. As an adult, I still pretty much enjoy Nerf Battles. I don't have kids though but I always play with my nephew and nieces. Nerf battles can be a whole lot of fun for us owing to the fact that my mom has a huge backyard area were we can really freely go into battle! Great tips here, thanks for sharing.

    1. I hope you get to play some battles with them and maybe even set up cardboard hideouts!