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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cirque Italia Came to San Antonio!

And what a show! 

*Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, I was given free tickets to the show in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.*

I was amazed when I first heard of them. I'm not big on circus acts. However, this one is different. They do not use animal performers. So there is not chance of animal cruelty. This is a big deal to me. 
The show has so much to offer those who come. Some of my favorites are the contortionists, aerial dancers and tight rope walkers. All of it was stunning. And surrounded by water. That makes this special show so unique. And they are currently using the show to take you around the world! At this time, it is Italy. Their traveling "ship" is "sailing" from port to port to show you things you might only have dreamed possible. 
All their shows are family friendly. So if you are like me, with kiddos in tow, don't worry! They began in 2012 and are going strong still. Their stage is set to look like a huge ship, covered in a cozy tent and with the additions of Bellagio style fountains. 

I love the lights as well. Adds a technological touch to the show.
And that the clowns aren't "clownish". Normally they are creepy, but these aren't! They keep you entertained and giddy.
So check out their next show! They have a list here. Hopefully, they are coming near you. The next show is going to be in Robstown, Texas. Just in time for Valentine's Day. You can keep up with their movements through their social networks as well. And find out how to get a free kids ticket with the purchase of an adults. All seats offer a great view, but prices vary to enable everyone to enjoy the fun! Don't forget to bring extra money for concessions, souvenirs and face painting.

Twitter: @CirqueItalia
Instagram: @cirqueitaliashow
Facebook: @cirque.italia

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