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Monday, January 28, 2019

How One Book Can Make a Huge Difference in So Many Ways!

How can you help National Park personnel who have been affected by the government shutdown as well as the parks they serve in? While also promoting your child to read a book that teaches them the importance of our National Parks? I have the perfect solution: The Adventures of Brock Cliffhanger & His Jr. Park Rangers!

*Disclaimer: I was not paid or endorsed for this book review. I own a physical copy of one book and the digital copy of the other. All opinions expressed are my own.*
Mark Villareal has been writing for some time now. I've had the pleasure of reading several, if not all, of his books. Lately, he has branched into writing a children's series. One that teaches kids the importance of our National Parks. His first book in the series was The Adventures of Park Ranger Brock Cliffhanger & His Jr. Park Rangers: The Missing Hikers of Allegany State Park. Not only does it tell the story of hikers gone missing, but it teaches the importance of proper safety while hiking. Now he has written the second book in the series. The Adventures of Park Ranger Brock Cliffhanger & His Jr. Park Rangers: Mountain Rescue: Preserving Our Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Readers also learn about the parks in these books. The proceeds of this second book are currently being donated to the National Parks Conservation Association.

Brock Cliffhanger brings a legend, that is bigger than life, to a reality that inspires children. He is the mentor of two kids that became Jr. Park Rangers. Their love of National Parks brought them to the program where they learn how to pay it forward and teach others. I fell in love with their story at the first reading. And was quite happy to share it with my children. I believe it teaches valuable lessons.  Our youth will be the ones shaping and changing the future. What they learn now, will decide what they choose to do later.

Now, I will be sharing the second in the series with them. I just purchased the digital copy today! This one teaches the importance of careful camping and respecting the parks with our actions. The Smoky Mountains went through devastation after careless people started a wildfire. It affected so much more than the park, however. Future generations can avoid making those same mistakes if they learn how to care and pay it forward. 

These books are perfect for grades 1-6. Or ages 6-11. I read to my kids, ages 6-10. And they all loved it. We discussed the book and some of the important points in it.

But enough of my talking. Here is where the truth shows through in action!