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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Turning an Everyday Outing Into an Adventure! (+ giveaway)

Sparking a child's imagination is very important to me. I think all children need creativity and free thinking to be a part of their daily lives. To hold fast to the wonder of everything around them. And best of all is when something simple triggers it. Which is exactly where Kidorable comes to mind. 
*Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed and most definitely not told what to say. All opinions are my own.*

I have the greatest pleasure in showcasing one of Kidorable's amazing products. And at the end of the review, I encourage you to sign up for the giveaway they are hosting through me! You will have the chance to win your own awesome kids umbrella! Cool, right?? So let's get to it! 
What makes them so wonderful? 

Kidorable brings everyday products with a magical twist to spark creative thinking and let the imagination run wild. Be it while a child holds an umbrella in the rain or wearing their favorite character set of winter gear, there is something out there for every child to enjoy. As I was looking over their website, my daughter happened to see the Mermaid Umbrella and she loved it!
Of course, when I was checking it out, it was sold out. But that just goes to show how popular it is among the little ladies out there! It has such a cute underwater design that goes all the way around. The mermaid princess is in the center, with her tail topping the umbrella. There will be no mistaking my little dreamer, no matter how many other umbrella-covered kiddos are around. Hers will always stand out! 
Unique designs to be distinguished!

One thing I love about these? The uncommon designs! Not just the part that covers her head, but all the way to the handle. This one has such a cute little sea horse for her little hands to grip. It fits perfectly in her grasp. 
Down here in Texas, we have been battling rain every week for the past couple months. We have a giant umbrella, but the little lady often gets stuck outside its reach since the boys and I take longer strides. This way, she can keep covered without having to run to keep up!  

But the rain isn't the only thing she needs the cover for. The sun can be brutal as well. Blinding rays that freckle the skin and heat you up. This umbrella protects her from it all! 

But that is not all they offer! 

Umbrellas may be the main draw, but they don't stop there. They have full rain gear sets that include galoshes and rain coats. Your child can be covered from head to toe as they venture outside. They also have winter sets which come with gloves, hats and scarves. The backpacks are absolutely adorable too! And then the towels - to bring fun and imagination after the bath! Wherever possible, I think we should spark that creativity in their minds. And it can very easily start with something as simple as these everyday items.

Where can you get one? 

Besides their website, they also sell on Amazon! I love this option since they are Prime eligible. Which is perfect since Christmas is right around the corner and they make fantastic gifts! Especially the winter sets. Here in Texas, it doesn't get truly cold enough until December and January anyhow. 

Would you like to try to win one?

Kidorable would like to give one lucky winner their own kids umbrella! So I have set up a giveaway below. Remember to let me know what style you want to win! And "May the odds be ever in your favor!"   
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  1. I went to their site. Very nice things.

  2. You should let Ana watch singing in the rain on you tube. Then let her do a dance with her umbrella and put on your channel.

    1. That is a great idea! I wanted to get some kind of video, but wasn't sure what kind. That would be so cute!

  3. This is so cool, if I had a child I would give it to them

  4. This can be used for a Christmas gift too!

  5. I love the colorful umbrella and fun things for kids. What a great gift idea.