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Monday, November 19, 2018

Taking The Mommy Hook To My Local H-E-B Grocery Store

Sharing The Mommy Hook as often as I can! 

While on a recent shopping trip to our local H-E-B, I brought along a Mommy Hook to introduce as well as give away. The Mommy Hook is the perfect gadget for parents and caretakers alike. They really do give you an "extra hand"! We have been using ours for shopping and times when we are carrying too much with the baby around. I absolutely love it! It is the ultimate stroller accessory that can also be used for holding things to a cart. I wrote a review on it that you can read here
I highly suggest it as a Christmas gift idea. I have decided to pair it with a couple other Mom gadgets to complete an ideal gift collection. You can find out where they carry them locally.
I also suggest that you look them up on Facebook here, as they have been posting a lot of helpful tips for parents.

With my last Mommy Hook, I have put together a gift basket idea to take to a Christmas party where I know parents will be present. One set of parents in particular that I think would truly enjoy these have three kids. One is autistic and one is an infant. Their hands are kept busy everywhere they go. I'm hoping the Mommy Hook will make it easier for them to get around.
What do you think? Am I on the right track with this??
Do you know anyone who can benefit? Who is left on your Christmas gift list that needs help?