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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Do You Want a Free Mommy Hook?? (giveaway included)

I recently wrote a review of The Mommy Hook. This fantastic little treasure has been quite a blessing to our family. My husband and I are often in need of a spare hand (or two). And that is exactly what The Mommy Hook is! 

*Disclaimer: I was sent these products free of charge in exchange for my honest review and to give away. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed.*

What is The Mommy Hook? 

The Mommy Hook, simply put, is the greatest stroller accessory you can find. It has so many uses! But essentially gives you an additional helping hand. With 4 kids, we need help carrying bags or water bottles all the time. They hang from the stroller or cart with ease.
"They Call Me Mr. Mommy Hook," featuring David Abels as David Abels from The Mommy Hook on Vimeo.

Who can benefit from it? 

Honestly - anyone! Whether you use it just to haul multiple bags at once (think of unloading the car after going grocery shopping) or if you have to carry bags while juggling a baby.

Where can you get yours? 

These are sold locally too! You can check here to find out where they are close to you. I saw retailers like Target, Walmart and Buy Buy Baby on there. Amazon has them as well! But if you aren't in America, don't worry! They have international sales too.

How do you win one?  

Want to win one first and see how awesome they are before buying? Well, just enter my giveaway below! Or win one to pass along as a gift to someone you know in need of an extra hand.
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  1. I wish this was around when I had kids in a stroller! I literally don't have enough hands to keep up with everything!

    1. Me too! Thankfully, this works even after kids and strollers.

  2. I don't do strollers anymore either but I can think of other uses. I am gonna get 1 for to hold grocery bags in my SUV so groceries don't go all over when I drive. Kids and I are thinking of many other ways to use this.

    1. I love that idea! I think there may be many more uses.

  3. This honestly seems like a must-have to me! Especially if you are out for a day on the town, and need to have all of your stuff on hand.

  4. A must-have for many Mommy especially when they have kids. Generous giveaway!