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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Be Natural Organics (+ discount code!)

As I get older, I am becoming more and more aware of the products I use and buy for my family to use. The chemicals that they contain and how they can affect a persons health are important to me. I have been moving away from things that are not organic, have been tested on animals or contain parabens and phthalates. Be Natural Organics caught my eye because of these reasons. They are also very affordable! 
*Disclaimer: I was sent these products for the purpose of reviewing them, free of charge. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed. All opinions are strictly my own.*

First of all, I love that they offer trial packs at a great price. I was sent the Anti-Aging 4-piece trial collection. These run for just $10.

If you are curious about the ingredients they use, they have a list with explanations on their website. I appreciate them being so upfront about it all. It shows accountability as well as reliability. And is the best way to gain their customers trust, in my opinion. 

So how well did they do for me? 

The video shows my immediate usage and reactions while using their products, but I would like to add that my skin was noticeably better! I did this treatment before bed (best time without the kids and distractions). My skin felt smooth and clean. When I woke up the next morning, there was not nearly so much oil as I usually have on my face. This alone made it worth my time! But aside from all that, I find the quality and prices to be fantastic.

They also have great perks for ordering from them! 

They have a rewards program to give you points when you purchase from them. Every dollar spent gives you a point. Its the perfect way to go natural and save money! New customers can get 30% off as well. But even if you are not a new customer, you can still get 30% off because you are my reader! Use the code: NerdyWords30. Plus free shipping on all orders in the United States that are $50 and more. 

Even if you are not into a healthier way of living, these products can do wonders for your skin. Or maybe you should consider them as gifts for the people who are naturally inclined in your life! Now is the time to get great deals and finish up your shopping list.  

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  1. I am going to check these out. I live in a very high humidity area and so constant sweat and dirt. Seems like from your trying it on this may clean real well for my skin.