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Sunday, October 28, 2018

In the Blink of An Eye...

My oldest child turned 10 this past week. Want to talk about feeling old? Where did the years go?! He's a video gamer making mostly A's and B's (only a C in Math - takes after me...). He's like the Energizer Bunny on crack - can't sit still for long and the mouth doesn't seem to ever get tired. But through it all, I'm quite proud of him. Which is why I had no problem trying to make a birthday party he'd remember. He chose the Pokemon theme. 
We sent out invitations using these great printables. Couldn't invite too many people on our budget, but he did have his best friends! Pinterest had so many awesome ideas though. I had to create a board just for them.

My husband helped me make a Pikachu cake. 
And I printed out these card templates so that the kids could "create" their own Pokemon cards that I then laminated. It was a great party! 
He got things he had wished for and then wrote thank you cards to everyone who had given him something. He's a kid who can often get self centered, but I'm instilling the reminders to be thankful of those who love and care about you as well as others you may not know. 
We also visited a friends shop and helped them set up for their Halloween Bash. The kids loved it!

10 years has passed so quickly. Can't wait to see how the coming years turn out!

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