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Friday, October 26, 2018

Dive Into Delicious Flavors With ArcticZero!

We love ice cream at our house. Even better when it comes with health benefits. And more so when we can find dairy free ice cream that doesn't hurt my youngest daughters stomach. She can only drink soy milk as she can't handle the proteins in even dairy free milks. So we usually just give her sherbet. Then I came across Arctic Zero

*Disclaimer: I was sent coupons to purchase these two for free. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed for my review. My opinions expressed here are strictly my own.*
I was pretty impressed at how creamy these both were. We got the Brownie Blast and the Purely Chocolate. Both are pint sized - perfect size for my husband and I to share. 

Healthier ice cream at its finest! 

Brownie Blast is a Fit Frozen Dessert. It only has 75 calories per serving (there are 4 per pint). It is lactose free, low fat and GMO free. It has some great chunks of brownie and chocolate chips inside  dark chocolate. It was not overly sweet though. Great source of protein and fiber! 

Purely Chocolate was our favorite. It wasn't overly sweet, but doesn't have that "healthy" ice cream taste. And talk about creamy! We loved every bit of it. 40 calories per serving, only 5g of sugar!
Both are made without artificial ingredients. As a matter of fact, I was impressed by some of the things I saw that were in them.  Organic sugar cane and monk fruit are the sweeteners. I had to look up the monk fruit - it is a super fruit. Faba beans are also in these. Whoo! These are low glycemic and gluten-free.

Best of all? 

My toddler, who can't even handle lactose free milk, didn't have a single stomach issue the night we gave her some! Can't tell you how happy it made us. We finally found something besides sherbet that she can have. No more telling her no at parties.  

Ready to find some for your family, locally?? Just check THIS LINK out to see who is stocking their freezers nearby. Our local Walmart has very few to choose from. And this is always what they look like... 

So we prefer the HEB selection. Never covered in blocks of ice and plenty to pick from! Let me know if you try them and what you think in the comments below!

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