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Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Hook For a Hand Never Looked So Good!

There have been times when I could have used an extra hand. As a Mommy, or Wonder Mom even, I can't always carry everything myself. But I don't always have someone around to help. That is where The Mommy Hook is a godsend. 
*Disclaimer: I was sent these products, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.*
I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed by these hooks. When I was working, I had tiny versions that helped me carry bunches of keys of the business around. I couldn't imagine not having one. But this one is large! And comfortable. This is possible because of the foam padding. It is designed perfectly for holding all those extra bags, but still staying comfortable in your hand. It is strong enough to hold the weight and big enough to be attached to the stroller or cart. The Mommy Hook is the ultimate and bestselling stroller accessory!

Simple but effective is always better! 

I can balance baby and bags with ease. I can also attach it to my stroller or store cart. I like this as I often shop for groceries for 2+ weeks at a time. And since carts are only able to hold so many filled bags, this adds to our ability and ease of carrying more. My husband has been using them to carry all the bags at once for me since  the pain has been strong lately.

These are sold locally too! You can check here to find out where they are close to you. I saw retailers like Target, Walmart and Buy Buy Baby on there. Amazon has them as well! But if you aren't in America, don't worry! They have international sales too. 

Another reason I love them? They were created by a divorced father of three who has twins in the Autism spectrum. Parents know parenting needs. He saw a need and he filled it (Robots reference, anyone?) Point is, he created something amazing! They are designed to last. Through all our parenting adventures. But they are versatile. Created of durable aluminum, it is lightweight but not cheap like most other hooks and clips that are made from plastic and have a tendency to break easily.
So who wants to win one of their own?! 

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