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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What Better Way to Spoil Her Than With Mama's Jewelry?

While Mother's Day was fast approaching, I was offered the chance to talk to you about a company that has amazing gift ideas for the Mom, Grandma, Nana or other motherly figures you have in your life. Mother's Day is the one day a year that we are supposed to dedicate to showing our 'Mom' just how much we love them. However, that doesn't mean that should be the only day in the year that you say and show them! But make this one day extra special. That is why I am suggesting Mama's Jewelry to you. Whether you want to hold them to memory for next Mother's Day, or if you are thinking about what to get for Christmas and birthdays, check them out and think outside the box for a change!
*Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed for my review. The words below are my own opinions based upon my experience with the company and product.*

Mama's Jewelry has some amazing selections. I was very impressed when I went searching through the options. Your order will be just as unique as you and your Mom. How so? Because they make the jewelry with your personalized choices. You pick the color - rose gold, gold and platinum silver plated, for instance. How many birthstones, which ones and then the size you need. A simple, yet elegant, reminder of each child she has had. Whether you get a pendant or a ring, you customize it just for her.  
I like that there are two options to every stone. Real and imitation. As much as we might all want to get Mom or Nana that real stone, we probably can't all afford to.
I found it interesting that a size 7 is the only one you don't have to pay an additional amount for. I'm assuming that is because that is the standard size. Like a size 8 is the median in women's clothing. 

Comfort and beauty that fits with perfection! 
I ordered this particular ring for one of the Nana's in our lives. It is the Nana Rope Mothers ring. I chose Platinum Plated Silver. You then choose from drop down options of ring size, how many birthstones and what each stone is to be.
From the day it shipped to the day I received it was only 5 days. I do want to warn you, that Mother's Day is their Black Friday. So if you are buying this for Mother's Day, get your order in early! They try to put it together and ship it as quickly as possible, but they are like any other company during their peak - they will be quite full in orders. I thought the box they shipped it in was really nice. The magnetic lid adds class and stability to it. Also added to the safety while being shipped.
Pleasing packaging!

Now for the ring itself, I was very pleased. I tried it on and liked how well it fit. Perfect sizing! And the workmanship was flawless as far as I could tell. Smooth in the roundness, each stone securely fastened and delicate in the design. It is definitely something to take pride in. I did get all imitation stones. Can't afford to go real at this time in my life. Especially not with this many stones! But the coloring for each is quite brilliant. 
My impression of Mama's Jewelry is that this is a company that I would trust to make something beautiful and lasting. Their jewelry is easy to make. It is well-crafted. Their intentions are to make things that are utilized as reminders of a Mother's greatest pride - having children! And for Nana's - not just children, but also grandchildren. As my Mom always told me, that is when you become a pro. When you can spoil the grandkids and send them back home!  
Mother's Day has passed us this year, but this is good for other events. Birthdays and anniversaries as well as Christmas time! Check them out. Let me know what you think and what your favorite product is in the comments below. I also highly suggest liking their Facebook page to keep up with current promotions and new products they may have!


  1. Such a pretty ring. And yes it is a reminder everytime you see it of your life living on in kids and grands