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Monday, May 21, 2018

Be The Observant Parent, Not the Passive One

Tonight I write of a frightening event that I found out about today. A boy in my sons class brought a knife to school. Second grade. Little boy. With a knife?! What is going on with today's kids?? Since when do kids do these types of things? What was he thinking? This comes right after the kids heard about the Houston high school shooting. And the school sent home a letter in all the kids' backpack that it has been taken care of. Which according to the little boy that is in my sons class and lives across from us, means that the boy was kicked out of school for the rest of the year. Which is a little under 2 weeks. The letter also stated that no one was in danger. Who do you think you are kidding?! A sharp kitchen knife can be just as dangerous as a gun in the wrong hands. Maybe even more so! After all, it's a far less noisy killer. How many kids could have been stabbed before someone realized what was going on?? 

I'm infuriated. I fear for my kids going to school. Maybe I'm overreacting to some parents. I admit to being overprotective. I love my babies and I do everything I can to protect them, while knowing I can't protect them all the time. 

After talking to the parent of the child who clued us in to more of what happened today, she was telling me of a game that is becoming quite popular. Bendy and the Ink Machine. At first glance, it looks a little weird, but okay. Then you read the description and it talks about the character facing his demons. Sounds a little more mature... Then I watched the game play with my husband of the first chapter. My impression? Not worthy of a child's eyes. One room has a cartoon character strapped to a movable table that looks like his chest cavity has been ripped open or something burst out of it. A scary apparition of some sort jumped out and you see this witches circle pentagram on the floor. Sadly, most parents that allow their kids to play this one probably don't even realize what is in it. It is a free download on Steam. Anyone can fake their age on there and get what they are wanting to download. 

I don't believe that video games are the reason there is more violence in the world. Not entirely. Take Minecraft. Yes, you have to kill zombies or creepers or even a giant spider from time to time. But I happily allow my kids to play it and join in their game. It's a building game. And so mild that anyone can play without fear of nightmares. They play Plants vs Zombies too. First person shooter, but it is really plants killing zombies or vice versa depending on which team you want to be on. Mario Kart is racing. Love it! So many games can be played without giving way to anger or hatred. It is the attitude and the upbringing that can lead to more violence than these games. My husband and I love playing Black Ops, 7 Days to Die and Battlefield. Don't see us raging and wanting to kill. 

Parents - pay attention. Don't be the parent that finds out their child has major issues. Not if you can help it. Play an active role in your kids life. You only have one shot. Make it count.

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