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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Master Caster Product Review

I love being a part of Shoplet.com's review group. They utilize my skills in blogging to showcase some pretty awesome products that they sell on the largest e-tailer site for office products. A quick disclaimer and I will do just that below! 

*Disclaimer: I received these products for free in exchange for my honest review of them. I was not paid or otherwise endorsed for this review. No other compensation was given and I was not told what to write.* 

I have been able to try these products before. I liked them so much, I was happy to test them out again. They sent me two products by Master Caster: Instant Swivel Wheels and their Dual Action Smart Gloves. 

The Instant Swivel Wheels are perfect for those of you doing some spring cleaning. They are advertised on TV as being easy to use, have a 360 swivel capability and require no tools to attach. I had attached them to my table once before. I was able to roll my table back and forth to accommodate dinner needs in our tiny dining room. This time, I decided to try something else.

The Dual Action Smart Gloves are just as amazing. First of all, they are useful for cleaning. These are made to be used on your electronic devices. You can wipe off all those fingerprints and yet, use them to send a text message in the colder weather still.  These microfiber gloves fit really well. Even on my long fingers. They are washable and stay lint free after being washed. Now, the last time I had gotten these, I didn't pay attention to what they suggested you use them to clean. Instead I had tested out using them to clean dust from the TV. I was sold! I even dusted my fan a time or two. After a quick wash, they were just like new. Still use that pair today. And then when the time came to bundle up in the cold, I kept my fingers warm while still being able to text and use my touch screen phone without sacrificing warm fingers. That is a huge deal for me! I am a human Popsicle. Easily frozen - especially on my fingers and toes. 

Shoplet does not just offer a wide selection of office products. They also have office furniture, medical supplies and cleaning supplies. Let me know what you think about these products and what other ones you would want to try.

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