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Friday, April 20, 2018

Mama's Can't Get Sick!

If you are a Mom, chances you have said or heard someone say, "Moms don't get sick days". And how true this is. I am sitting at the computer desk, answering a plethora of emails while my 16 month old is pulling my clothes off the shelf and whining at me. For no reason. She, too, is under the weather. Not sure if it is allergies or her teething, but between the runny nose and watery eyes... a tissue is currently my go-to accessory. Can that molar pick up the pace and get through already?!
Then, I wake up today feeling less than ready. I get up at 6AM to get the older three kids up and ready for school. But when your throat hurts, your head is feeling bloated and you feel like someone lit a fire inside - you just want to crawl back into bed and call it a day before even getting started. That is where I am. And even when she had napped, my body and head refused to allow me the luxury of napping with her. It felt like a long day before we even reached noon... 

Then came my appointment. I finally got to see a doctor! It has been 2 years, about, since I have had any health care. I felt anxious, but eager. The pain, the dizziness... I'm so ready to move on with my life and stop being held back. They did an EKG and a blood pressure test to try and see if it was heart-related. Both of those tests were normal. So now I have to set up more appointments. X-rays, blood tests, pain management and then neurology. She wants to rule out heart and neurological issues first. After telling her about my spinal issues and the tension in my neck, she still tries to tell me, "Well, you are so young." I cannot tell you how much I wanted to reply, "Only in chronological years, ma'am." 

As for being sick, it turns out that she thinks it is only allergies. I have never been one to have allergies. Until recently. Looks like going into my thirties has triggered physical adjustments and changes towards external influences. And it sucks! 

Next week will be quite busy. But I am looking forward to getting my appointments done and getting better. In the mean time... Mama can't be sick! 


  1. Wait till your 40's. Life changes and yes, so does our bodies. Glad you were able to get the process started.