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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

America's Incredible Pizza Company Review and Coupon

This past Monday was Presidents Day in the states. Schools and official places like the post office were closed. I had the day to spend with my kiddos. But the weather hasn't been very friendly. We get brisk breezes and anything from a light drizzle to a rain. So being outdoors isn't so inviting. Thankfully, I had an indoor option to explore.
*Disclaimer - As a member of the U.S. Family Guide mommy blogger program, I was sent a $50 gift card to use in exchange for taking my family and following up with a review. I was not otherwise endorsed, paid or instructed on what to say. My opinions are strictly my own and come from personal experience.*

We left home about 11 and headed out. Not sure what time we got started, but I can say that between the 5 of us playing, we had used up the $50 by 12:30. It seemed like so much until we were done.

As a family of 6, we have to consider several things when dining or entertaining ourselves outside the home is being mulled over. First comes cost. America's Incredible Pizza offers many deals. So I highly recommend that you sign up for their mailing list via emails. They offer things like .99 buffet meals with the purchase of a game card. So you get cheap dinner with a way to wear out the kids after. 

The buffet has several varieties of pizza to choose from. They also have a pasta bar, salad bar and dessert bar. Fresh, clean plates and utensils are on hand to go back as often as you need. They have more than one dining room. My favorite is the 50's diner theme. Red, vinyl seats with chrome accents are the height of the decor. Bus boys come over when they see empty plates to clear space as needed. 

After dinner is over, it is time to saunter over to the game room. This is where my kids really feel at home. Games as far as the eye can see! Arcade games, first person shooter games, puzzle games - they even had Flappy Bird. That ridiculous game that causes high stress and rage. There is a little kid zone that has games better suited for little tykes minds and bodies. 

We like playing Connect Four. You can play against the computer or against a friend. 
My husband won a card and a lot of tokens from the Wizard of Oz lottery-type game.
I was pretty impressed. And he kept getting bonus spins!
We had a good time. My kids love to play games. They were a little disappointed by the amount of points we had won to get prizes with afterwards, but what kid wouldn't want to win big and get the cooler stuff? 

What should you know about the games, points and prizes? First, let me say that if you are going with the purpose of winning lots of "tickets" and getting cool prizes, this place is not for you. This place is best for killing time, using up the bundled energy of your children and making fun memories. 

The games cost about $1 - $3 per round, per person. The cheapest and only game that I saw was .75 for what I know as Skee ball.
This is one of my favorites. However, the ticket-to-point ratio for this one, and many other of the games, was pretty low. As a matter of fact, aside from this game, other cheap games were the ones that came with high risk and were highly improbable as far as winning went. The games that offered better chances costed more to play.

I was a bit disappointed by the claw games. My daughter wanted to try two of them. So we did. They pick up the items just fine. But the second before being over the drop box, they dropped what they were holding. It seemed like it was rigged to do so. I suppose that should be expected. 

They have bumper cars and other rides like the one pictured below. They cost extra and have some height restrictions.
So over all, the games cost more, you get less tickets. Though the quality was less for the prizes, so were their prices. This place would be better if the goal was to eat and have fun. We enjoyed doing those things. If you are interested in trying them out for yourself, be sure to take advantage of this coupon!
Have fun!