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Sunday, January 28, 2018

My Simple and Cheap Pea Shooter!

My kids are huge fans of the games, Plants vs Zombies. One of the characters in this game is called a Pea Shooter. He is a little plant that sits in his pot and shoots peas at the zombies. Since this was the theme my son chose for his birthday party, I figured I should try my hand at having at least one decoration that fit the theme. So I put together this little guy. Enjoy! 

Step one - gather your supplies. I got a paper towel roll, a plastic cup, a balloon, a recycled sauce cup (like the ones that come with you bread sticks and pizza), some green colored construction paper (2 sheets, I used 1 dark and 1 light green), and some beans. You will also need your hot glue gun and Scotch tape. 
Step two - I wrapped the paper towel roll in the darker green construction paper. This was going to be the stalk. 

Step three - I poured hot glue into the bottom of the cup and set the paper towel roll into it. Give this a while to dry nice and solid. You don't want it coming loose while you are doing the other steps. 

Step four - Blow up your balloon. This will be the head. I let my son draw on the face as he wanted it to be. While your kid does that part, cover the sauce dish in green paper. Or green pain. The paper did not go on as easy as I had hoped. Green paint would have been smoother and easier. Punch a hole into the bottom of the dish, just large enough to put the tied end of the balloon through. Add beans into the bottom of the cup to keep it upright as the sauce cup might make it wobbly.

Step five - Once your kids are done with the balloon, you put the tied end through the hole of the sauce dish. That's the mouth that the peas come from. Get two pieces of Scotch tape. You will attach the head to the stalk with them. 

Step six (finally at the end!) - My son let me know that the pea shooter needed leaves on each side to be like arms. Using construction paper that was light green, I cut out leaf shapes that had longer stems to them so I could attach them to the stalk. One on either side.

And voila! You have a pea shooter to decorate the birthday table with.