Monday, January 15, 2018

Game Day Gets Sweeter!

I love being a member of House Party. You never know what cool parties you will be invited and accepted to host. I was given the honor of hosting a Sweetest Game Day party. The sponsors for this Sweetest Game Day party are Snickers and Skittles. As soon as I knew, I began planning. Especially as this day is also on the weekend we were going to be celebrating my second sons birthday. Sadly, Snickers and Skittles are off limits to my Mother-in-law. So I know I have to make other things that she can partake as well.
Step one for me was to create a board on Pinterest to store all my ideas. I'd been putting this together for a while. Okay, not the game day party, but my sons birthday party. I didn't know ahead of time that his birthday falls on the weekend of this game day party. So I'm improvising on ways to use Snickers and Skittles as a part of the fun. I had planned tying it all in with his favorite game theme - Minecraft! Then I had a moment as depicted in anime shows like this...
He has made it clear that he would rather have a Plants vs Zombies party theme instead. As he put it, "I like that better than Minecraft". Oh the horror! I had everything coming together for a Minecraft themed party. I had bought a purple table cloth to make a portal doorway. I was going to make TNT party favors. I bought gemstones from the Dollar Tree to make little "stones" they could mine.
But no. He wants something completely different. So back to Pinterest I have gone. 

I am not very knowledgeable about this game that they have fallen in love with. My understanding of it is that the plants fight zombies on the lawn and there is a crazy guy in the mix somewhere. There is something called a Pea Shooter too. I have found a game where you pin the eye on the zombie. And I plan to use the Skittles as "seeds" to use as favors. I also plan to make these Mini Snickers Cheesecakes with the Snickers candies I'll be getting. We will also try making these brain cupcakes. So much to do, and we are already halfway through the month! Where has the time gone... 

In between all this, we are still taking time out for fun activities.
Today we took the kids to fly kites in a nearby field. They had a blast!

Tomorrow we will continue the fun as they have cancelled school for a "snow" day. This is funny to me since when it actually snowed, everyone went to school the next day. But we will see!


  1. I would have no clue to Plants vs Zombies. You sound like you got it down. I make the kids dirt cake one day. Don't know if you remember that? It had ground oreos and chocolate pudding. Chocolate whipped cream and gummy worms. You can make cups of those for the kids and have them "plant" the skittles on the top of the dirt? Have fun.

    1. I've heard enough from them to know what the gist is. I don't like it, personally, but I accept that they have their own likes now. I like the dirt cake idea though!