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Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Votes Come Today

Today is the day, my friends. When we find out just how stupid those in power truly are. There are two major issues going to be voted on today. Two things that will affect every American in some way. 
Net Neutrality. I know I have posted about this before. Sadly, it has come back into talks. The FCC will vote today on whether they should repeal the laws or not. What does that mean for us? Net Neutrality means that Internet Service Providers (ISP's) have to treat all data online the same. Without it, ISP's can inflict throttling (slowing down the access allowed)to certain websites or information based on whether they pay fees or not to keep their information flowing equally with all others. Imagine turning on Netflix when they have not paid up - your ISP can throttle them and movies stream at a ridiculously slower rate. You no longer have the drive to watch anymore, right? Surfing the web will also be like that. We are reverting back to the dark ages if this comes about. Comcast and was caught doing that before. BitTorrent was one of the websites they throttled. If I remember correctly, Verizon was another one who was secretly slowing up some websites. So get ready. It seems to have gained momentum towards being approved. And if that is the case, the internet will be less user friendly and more company driven than you could have imagined. 
Second up for a vote - the new tax bill. Have you actually looked at this law? It is protecting those of substantial wealth. The more money you make, the less you pay in taxes. Guess it goes to show what our president and his cronies think of the little man. As usual, they are protecting their money. At the expense of our own. 

You know what? I'm not proud to be an American anymore. Other countries are having far more appeal. In a way, our freedoms are slowly being throttled as it were. The big one for people like me? We are now further into the poverty level since middle class is slowly becoming extinct. You are either rich or poor. And it must get worse before we can even dare to hope it will be better.


  1. First off you make working hard and getting rich sound like a bad thing. Last time I check, that was the American dream. I don't agree with all that is in this tax bill but 1 thing I need is the stupid Obamacare done away with. I can't afford insurance and the gov. keeps saying we don't make enough money to pay for it but they took out $1000 dollars from our taxes as a punishment for being poor. Keep that in mind. As far as you not being proud to be American, other countries are wide open. Or you can put on your big girl pants and keep up with voting out the idiots and doing what you can in your neighborhoods to make life a bit better. Yes, we have a lot less freedoms than when I was a kids and that was less than 50 years ago, so it is being taken away quickly. Like the internet. It is tragic for your generation who relies on it. I had kids laugh at me for having maps in my car. But when the gov takes over your net, I will know how to get where I am going. Stop crying about all the bad and teach your kids about some of the good things. People here can sit at home and get foodstamps to feed them. Or medical when they don't do a thing for years to work toward paying ANY taxes EVER!! I have a little sister who has made it her life's job to keep from working and have others pay for her to live. So sorry if this offends you but as you said in an older post, your family is rude and we say what we want.

    1. I'm all for people working hard and getting rich. But not for the poor pulling the slack. Obamacare needs to go away, but not lumped in with the new tax bill. In case you missed it, the poor will always be punished. Why do you think schools are set up like they are? We are the cattle feeding the rich politicians. I'm proud of our history, not of where we stand today.