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Sunday, December 31, 2017

A New Year is Here Already!

Where has this year gone in such a rush?! Already, we are fast counting down to 2018 and the new beginnings it shall bring. 
My baby is a year old! Still not walking, but once she gains her confidence I believe she will take off running. 

My other children are starting to truly show their strengths and weaknesses in life. Be it reading from my oldest to science and math for my middle kid, to my fast learning little diva in kindergarten. I am so proud of them all. 
We had a wonderful Christmas vacation. Went to spend it with my in-laws. While enjoying good food, good times and gifts, there was a couple family members who ended up in the emergency room. One of them went in as one person and came out as two! Such a cute little fighter that one has turned out to be. Definitely had us on edge all that week though. 
Looking back, I think this was our best Christmas so far. We all got things we needed or really wanted. People might laugh, but getting Tide and a laundry basket was awesome. Getting a laptop had me so thrilled! These were things I genuinely needed. My kids got the pants they needed. Or underwear. And a backpack. My husband and his drill or the compressor. The simple things that will be appreciated so much this year. It was a blessing all around. We are all so happy this holiday season. And yes, we got things that we wanted or thought were cool. Like the years subscription to Amazon Prime, gaming gear, and dolls. 
But the greatest gift all? We spent this Christmas together. We made happy memories that will last a lifetime. 

And then, we went shopping for Christmas clearance deals. Sadly, I waited too long and by the time I went on Thursday, there wasn't much left. But I did get some of the things we needed.
Like wrapping paper. The ones I found were reversible and had patterns that I can use throughout the year. I picked up an Axe gift set. We were in need of another toiletries bag and my husband uses some kinds of Axe products. The ones he doesn't use, I will be sending to my brothers. All for $12. We bought a regular sized tree for the Christmas' to come. Gonna need it for our growing collection of amazing ornaments. And the Star Wars light show projector?! Can you believe it was only $7?? I picked up other little stocking stuffers for chore rewards and for next years gifts.
I had stopped by Walgreens when picking up a picture too. Once again, they were wiped out of most of the good stuff. I did find a little sun catcher for my little princess to paint. It was half off the sticker price too.

Moving into the New Year, I have decided to make my resolution to lose 30 lbs. To build strength to my failing body and to lighten the load I carry daily. My back isn't going to get better. And I can't afford to fix it. So I can at least focus my energy on making less stress for it. This will be the first year I have had this resolution. Usually, it is to make more of an effort in being a better mother and person. Which will still be a goal. I truly believe that everyone can be better in life. Kinder, more compassionate, giving, loving, honest. Just some traits I think everyone should work at daily. 

What is your resolution and why? What do you strive for in your own life? And how do you plan to make 2018 better than 2017?


  1. I plan to have a better year by keeping my budget balanced and save more. I am super proud of the kids doing so well in school. Keeping up with monthly menu. And yes, getting healthier.

    1. Those are good goals to have. We have been keeping with a salad a day goal so far.