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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Turning the Walk in the Park into an Adventure!

I truly believe that children need to have an active imagination. Our generation and the generation we are raising are a part of the digital age. Where everything is considered accessible to your fingertips. Games, movies and internet uses have replaced things like reading actual books or going on nature hikes. Most families these days consider going outside a chore. Too hot, too cold, too nature-y (no, that's not a word, its a description). Now, yes, you do need to teach your child the difference between a story and a lie. My oldest son tells stories, but says they are true events and I have to tell him, "No, that's just lying." 

This is why I encourage them to imagine out of the box scenarios. When we went to the park this past Saturday, they imagined we were in Jumanji. We had to escape creatures within and every path we took led us either further into the game or closer to the end. It was a blast! And had it been just a little cooler, I think they would have been willing to go on so much longer. 

We went to Comanche Park. There is a Lookout tower on one path, a path that leads to a library, and plenty of deer to be seen if you go early enough in the morning. There is not a playground, but my kids had fun climbing around the amphitheater. As parents, we should always try to make the ordinary, extraordinary! Don't let your kids lose interest in the reality around them. 

I made this video to show the things we pieced together in our little "adventure". 

My kids also create adventures through our family Minecraft moments. So, if you really can't bring yourself to be outside, find a game you can all play and be venturous!


  1. I woke up to see that 50+ people were dead and over 200 were injured in a shooting in Las Vegas. A 64 year old man did it and killed himself when cops were going to get to him. Life is so short and I am guessing those people did not realize this was to be their last day on Earth. I see how much we spend time on electronic devises. I try to tell my kids to ask themselves what have you gained/learned from whatever it is that occupies your time on those things. One day soon we will all be in our last years and what will all that time we spent sitting around on electronics have done for us or others? It is great to see kids get outside. They need at least 20 minutes of sunlight a day for the vitamins our body uses. And look how lively your kids are on the walk. Mine always enjoyed doing these things. I can say Ava wanna go for a walk? She jumps and runs for her "walking" shoes. No need to beg or ask twice. That is cool how you got them excited by creating a story for them.

    1. I didn't know about this until I saw your comment. People don't consider how close to death they might be until they brush with it. I want to live like no tomorrow with my kids. I want them to know my love daily. And to know I do everything for them.