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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Texas Renaissance Festival, here I come!

I was accepted!!! Talk about super excited! I can't believe it! Yes, I squealed and danced in my seat when I saw the email. I know, for some, it may not be so exciting. I've heard that it is more tourist-y and wild these days. But you know what? That is okay! For me, this has been a dream. And maybe this will be the only chance I get to go. Plus! It was on my Bucket List (which I hope to one day share with you). So, I'm going to enjoy it. I'm going to dress up as a pirate wench. Just maybe, my kids and husband will also dress up. It is going to be a great family event this month.  

What am I referring to? 
I have been offered the opportunity to review the Texas Renaissance Festival!!!

Texas Renaissance Festival is from September 30th to November 26th. It is "the nations largest, most acclaimed Renaissance themed park." They recreated it to take you back in time to the Renaissance. You have entertainers, in full dress of the times. You have ale and foods that are foreign to our taste buds and time. 9 amazing weekends that are each themed. We will be attending the Pirate Adventure which falls on October 14 and 15.

For me, its a time to indulge my inner nerd. To let loose and have a little fun! To be me, but as a pirate wench. Or maybe I will be a Pirate Queen! Depends on how the costume pieces turn out. I'm doing everything from scratch, using things I have laying around the house. And I think I'm wearing ornate chopsticks in my hair... Oh the possibilities! I had a peasant skirt that I was saving for cosplay only. I've had it for years and being a favorite of mine, it is slowly disintegrating.
So for its last hurrah, I'm adding beading and accenting it with a pirate-y blouse.

My sons had a pair of pants that they had ripped a hole in below the knee. Perfect timing! I cut them up and created jagged-looking pirate trousers for one of them. I picked up a scarf at the local Goodwill to wrap around his waist and I'm going to cut up one of my husbands undershirts that has a huge hole in it. Now, I just have to find something for the other son to wear. Plus, they will both have bandanas.

My older daughter may be more like a pirate fairy. She originally wanted to be Elsa. But Elsa wasn't a pirate... So I pulled out a dual-colored fluffy skirt she had (in pink tones). I'm going to see what kinds of shirts she has that I can adapt, add as rope-like sash around her waist, put on her fairy wings and tell her to imagine she is a character from The Pirate Fairy (a Tinkerbell movie). 

So that's the plan as far as dressing up. My husband will also join in. He had a particular style in mind, so he bought a fluffy shirt, boot covers and a dagger.
He has the sash (another cheap scarf I found). Harder to dress a man as a pirate... We already know of a couple things we want to check out when we get there. You can look up entertainment schedules online to get a feel for what you want to do. My husband wanted to check out the School of Sword. I was thinking the kids might enjoy Birds of Prey. They can see all manner of hawks, eagles, owls and more in an entertaining, yet educational way. Cast in Bronze caught my eye. I do love seeing unusual instruments at play. These are just a few of the items we wanted to catch. They have circus acts, many types of musicians, dancing lessons, puppet shows, executioners and more! And we can't pass up the shops. Here's to hoping we see some neat things in those as well. 

I promise that I will write a review after we have attended.I'm hoping you are also finding such events in your neighborhood of the country. I'd love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below.