Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Whirlwind of a Week

You ever feel like time just slips by and suddenly you are asking yourself where did it go? This week has flown by so quickly, that I'm looking over each day and wondering, what did I do?! 

We have spent so much time celebrating my sons birthday. He had 3... no, 4 celebrations. He had cupcakes in his class, he had a mini party at our home, dinner with his dad, and a party at his Nona's house. 

My daughter wanted to be a mermaid for the costume parade at school. So I made her this little "bra". She wasn't thrilled with it after it kept falling down though...

We had to take our van in to get a recall part swapped out. And thank God for the blessings, it was exactly the part that was causing the van not to start some times! So now, the van works great and we didn't have to pay for the exchange. 

My daughter has been having trouble sleeping at night, so guess who needs a nap when she sleeps in the morning?
Our yard had to be torn up by the developers. Then, when they were digging their ditch, they cut my internet cord. That was a fun mess....
The week wasn't over yet. We still had the kids getting out of school early, going up to the in-laws place dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Vader,
a party for the oldest boy, and a stop at the comic book store. Halloween Comic Fest was here! I hope you looked up your local comic shop and saw what they had to offer. There were some photo ops to go with those free comic books at our local shops.
For my sons birthday weekend at his Nona's house, we also played with Nerf guns and carved pumpkins.
It has been a blast. While I enjoyed it, I'm still looking forward to it being calmer this week. I have some projects to knock out at around the house. How crazy are your weeks? Are you getting in the full holiday swing yet??


  1. Wow! Your week was as busy as ours. Glad you had great fun.

  2. your son had a perfect bdayy..celebrated at school then at home ,with dad and nona's house..keep enjoying !