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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lunchable food warnings

I recently bought some Lunchables for my kids. This is not something I do often, and in light of a purchase I made gone bad - I don't think I will continue purchasing their products. 

I bought each of my older three kids the one of their choice. My daughter had chosen the mini burgers one. Within an hour of buying them, we were back at home with them settling at the table to dig in. Thankfully, my daughter couldn't open her burgers without my help. She hands me the pouch with the patties inside and I find green mold covering the middle of one of them. I told her she would have to miss out this time around and tossed everything in the trash. I even checked the date on the box, thinking maybe I bought one that was expired. Nope. Still in date.
As a mom, I felt bad that something she had looked forward to so strongly was ruined. But I also felt concern. What if my kid had opened it herself? What if she had rushed to eat before asking or understanding it was no good? After all, she's 4. I felt guilty. I don't often buy things like this. I know my kids need to have healthy foods and snacks. While I'm not perfect, I do try to give them the best.

So I contacted Lunchables. Talk about a hassle. Finding the Contact Us and getting through their rigorous system took quite a while. Turns out, they look like they are a part of Kraft. Anyhow, I have never received any response from them. 

So this Mommy isn't buying Lunchables anymore. Their lack of response translates to them not caring of a potential safety risk to children. Or a dismissal of a Mothers message. Either way, they don't have my trust. On top of it all, I will not be buying the drink pouches or Go-Go Squeezes.
Looked those up and found out that mold growing in them is more common than you would think possible. I encourage all Moms out there to look before you serve. I don't diss any Mom who buys these products. To each their own. However, you never know what might be growing inside those fancy little boxes. I mean after all, wasn't there a scare of mold growing in the juice pouch drinks at one time?

Buyers Beware!


  1. Wow! That is bad. Glad you brought that to our attention. Maybe you should write up and article and submit it to magazines. Get the word out.