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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Label Daddy Review and Discount

Being a part of the US Family Guide gives me great opportunities. Like being able to write reviews for the amazing Label Daddy! Back to School is nearing the end. Most schools have already started up. Our kids go back on Monday. Did your summer fly by as quickly as ours did, or what!? With that, we had to get the supplies ready. And as suggested by teachers and Moms alike, supplies should be labeled with your child's name. You want everyone to know what belongs to your kid all through the year. After all, supplies aren't cheap. And there is a lot of it needed. 
So I grabbed the Medium All Purpose label pack. It's $20, comes with the perfect sized labels for glue bottles, crayon boxes, notebooks, folders, etc. I decided to get these for my oldest. So I put in his name, picked Emoji as his design. I love that Label Daddy has some new designs (though I'm hoping they bring back some of the others they used to have). After picking a design, you also pick the style. They had a variety of the Emoji ones, but I liked the color scheme on this one. Then I also chose to use the $5 add on and get them laminated. 
Now he has everything labeled. And he did it himself! It was great. I had to peel and re-stick a couple of them that he had put on the wrong items. They came off and went on to the folders with ease. They also stuck inside his backpack. These are washable too. So if I have to wipe down anything, they won't be ruined. And since there are 50 of them to the pack, I have some extra for later use if I have to get other supplies or for next year! 
They ship out really quickly too. I typically get them within a week or less of ordering. Shipped in a sturdy envelope that will keep them from being ruined by the Postal Service. 

Label Daddy also has some new things going on. They have a fundraising option you can use. You can contact them at FUNDRAISING@LABELDADDY.COM for more information. This year, they rolled out some First Day of School shirts and signs for fantastic photos to commemorate your child's first day of school. 
I'm truly a fan of Label Daddy. I use them for my kids every year, but I also use them for myself. I label my own things that I take out and about to let others know who it belongs to. I highly recommend them! So check them out and be sure to use this link and this code to get 25% off! USFAMILY25