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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Getting fit with Post-it!

Okay, so everyone might not be as thrilled as I am to have more Post-it Notes. I'm a bit OCD about my organizational skills. I love to have lists and reminders. My phone, my calendar, my fridge, my husbands desk... I keep notes and lists everywhere. Doesn't mean I always get those things done, or am on time with them, but I do try! And they are helpful. 
I was very happy to be chosen for the Chatterbox pack that promotes Post-it Notes. I was sent these products, free of charge, in order to get the word out about them. I was not otherwise paid or endorsed for my opinions! They are my own and honest to the fullest.
This little paperweight does more than keep my papers in place. It keeps my ideas on the roll!

I'm liking where they are headed with their ad for this product. Its all about setting up goals and working to reach them. What better way to do that than to leave notes about what you want to accomplish and give yourself some encouragement along the way! They have this idea to create a goal board. I love it! I have goals, but all too often I find myself giving up on them. I suffer a setback, a failure, or I fall short of what I aimed for. Next thing I know, I don't want to try anymore. I know that I have to push harder. That giving up won't accomplish anything. Without that steady push and encouragement, however, I slip into the rut of, "Why bother?"

These Super Sticky Post-it Notes can help with just that. They are 42% more likely to stick. So stick them where you know you will see them repeatedly. Where you have no choice but to read and see them often. 

I'm trying to lose weight. I want to do this to improve my health and get more energy. So I'm going to push myself and encourage myself with these. I'm going to place them on the fridge as a reminder to grab water instead of milk to drink.
On the pantry door, they can remind me to eat fruit or veggies or even some nuts before I grab the Nutella and crackers.
On the mirror, one can remind me to put in some squats while I brush my teeth.
And maybe one at the computer to remind me that I need to sit up straight with my feet flat on the floor while I type out my blog posts... 

I'm going to set my goals. And this time, I want to be a Goal Getter! What would you use Post-it Super Sticky Notes for?? 


  1. Great tips. Notes are great reminders to self. Post notes are perfect if they stick well and are a good color to get your attention. If not you will learn to ignore them. These look pretty as well which is a bonus for us ladies.

    1. I think these fit all of those qualities. I've been working harder at getting fit since hanging them around the house!