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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Oh those great summer days!

During summer vacation with my kids, I've been trying to make fun memories. It's great for them to be home without school to wear them down. To let their minds recuperate from the monotony of prepping for tests every week. But without things to do, they might be wishing to be back in school just to have others to play and interact with. As well as have structured activities.
I bought a cheap blow up pool from Wal-Mart.

They needed to spend time outdoors. After all, inside they either play with their Legos or want something that involves the television. Movies are good, but in moderation. Video games are fun, but mind-numbing and time consuming. I, myself can spend hours getting lost in Minecraft. So the pool is a good way to get them outside in the sun. Baby girl isn't into it when the water is still cold.
She thinks her older siblings are crazy for splashing. But they are determined to have her join in and partake in the summer fun! Share the vitamin D!
We do reading sessions. Bible stories and their readers. When they want to learn about something, I offer to look it up and we can learn together. I want them to understand that reading is the best way to travel the world and see amazing things without leaving home. It doesn't cost money we don't  have. It is good for all ages. And it covers every subject out there.
We do make park rounds still.
The one we go to has playgrounds, walking trails, and exercise equipment. There are also large, open fields they can run through. Those are great for kite flying.
We love the care packages that come from my Mother.
She sent a box filled with Star Wars things for the kids and I. The Queen Amidala doll is for me. Yes, I collect them. The first three movies  (not the Original Trilogy) were not my favorite  ones of the saga, but I did love her gowns so. If I was to dress as a princess, may my gowns be designed from hers! And my Mom picked up this one for only $7! The boys were beyond thrilled to get the Darth Vader and Stormtrooper toys. My husband even said he wanted the Stormtrooper.
He teased the boys about hiding it while they were at their dad's house this weekend.
I had to pull out the next size in baby clothes for my little nerd.
She's growing out of the 6 month ones and into 9 months. After this batch, we will have to start buying her clothes. Until now, we had been given clothes for her. Now she's shooting up like a weed. Lengthy like her momma. And with her being a messy eater, I have to change her often. Despite my efforts of using bibs...We also got her the next size in car seat.
Hard to believe the time was here for that transition. Can't say it enough! Time flies by so quickly when they are growing up. 

And one of their favorite things to do during summer vacation?? Sleepovers in the living room! 
So keep on getting creative and having fun. Before you know it, school will be back in session and the grind will be in full force!


  1. I found a connect four game for a buck at a thrift store. Kids loving it. Even the 4 year old is figuring it out. I got some cheap kits from the Dollar Tree for the kids to keep them busy as well. Been raining or the beach would be a free alternative to wear them out. Although we have been catching up on all the dental needs of the kids and that is taking up some days. So don't forget those activities that need to be done. Most people wait till school is back in.

    1. Connect 4 is so much fun! The kids painted the banks you sent them. Tomorrow we are going to Waco and will go to the lake there. We have vision tests and dental check ups I need to schedule next week too.