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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

InboxDollars as a side hustle?

While being unemployed, I thought I would try some of those make-cash-on-the-side hustles I kept reading about. Penny Hoarder is a big one that posts about them. And one way was to take surveys online. InboxDollars is one site that you can sign up to use and earn cash through survey taking.
They also have cash earning games and videos.

Here’s the kicker though. You can’t cash out until you earn $30 minimum.
Most of those videos only earn $.01 apiece and are around 3 minutes long. Most of the surveys I try to take, I don’t qualify for. Even some they suggested I take, were closed or I didn't qualify for. What's the point of me answering 5+ questions and then being told I don't qualify, so here, take this one instead? Especially when I was asked those questions at sign up to gauge which surveys they should suggest later on.
Due to bonuses around my sign up, I got up to $8.54. Whoo! Haven’t earned another penny since. And they spam up my inbox with survey offers and Paid Emails. Those are the emails that work like ads for certain companies. I’m all for hustling on the side, but as a mother I don’t have time for pittance-earning side deals. Nor do I see their "challenges" worth getting excited for. 

This hustle works best for those with time to kill. For those who have nothing else to do all day. And who fit into the rare type that they need information from. So if you are a white woman, in the 25-30 year old range, who’s household makes roughly 25-30k a year – you most likely won’t find surveys that they need your opinions.


  1. What it is is a scam. They get your info and sell it to other companies. So they tell you you will make money but in turn they are scamming you. Beware cause they will get your info and that helps some folks out there to steal your identity.

    1. Agree with your mom - i dont use any of websites like that. Use shopkick or checkpoints. I got another 75.00 from shopkick and 50.00 from checkpoints - my daughter got 50.00 from shopkick. Its better apps they dont get your info.

    2. I deleted my account with them. I have Shopkick still. I no longer shop at Target, but I get points through Walmart or the mall or the lookbooks.

    3. Did you try checkpoints? You can get points from walmart and other stores just like shopkicks. You dont like Target? I thought you hate walmart? I can get points from both stores and I dont shop or buy anything from Walmart. Still love Target crews at my Target.

    4. Check the website about checkpoints app - https://www.thebalance.com/steps-to-infinite-checkpoints-rewards-2372158

    5. No, I haven't tried them. I don't shop at Target anymore. I don't like Walmart either, but they are close and I go when I have to. I buy most stuff at HEB or Amazon that I can.