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Thursday, June 1, 2017

I'm ready to go for a drive!

I could totally go on a long road trip with no particular destination in mind. Wedding plans are driving me up the wall about now....
But let's check into reality now! I was sent something from Chatterbox (a division of House Party) to try out and talk about. I love being a part of Chatterbox! I get some pretty cool stuff every once in a while. This time it was a Kleenex go-anywhere pack.
As a mom, having tissues on hand everywhere I go is a must. Between random colds, allergies or when the waterworks start because someone isn't happy, I often have to reach for a tissue fast. Sadly, I  was always having to carry a box of them around. I have a mini van.
That box tended to roll from front to under seats, and sometimes went to the back. It was always a hassle trying to find it.
Enter the go-anywhere pack. It has 30 3-play tissues in it. They are also ultra soft. There are a couple things I love about these. They have a snap strap that can clip anywhere. Around the headrest rod is where I have mine.
They dispense easily from the pack. Just one hand gets what I needed. And finally, it protects my tissues. Keeps them from getting wet or dirty. Not like something dripping or falling into the box. They are slim, so they stay out of the way. 
Now I'm ready for anything the kiddos bring my way. What about you? Summer time is here. Time for those long trips and drives.Walmart has them here. Amazon has them in stock here.


  1. That is a cool idea. Who don't need to keep tissues off the floor? My boxes get stepped on everytime and it is hard to get to them in the floor when you need one.

    1. Right?! And those travel-sized packs are gone before you finish blowing and wiping every nose in the group.