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Monday, May 8, 2017

Showing teacher appreciation this week

My kids school sent home a notice on Friday. It was a reminder and suggestion about teacher appreciation week this week. This is the first year I'm actually feeling grateful to my kids' teachers. My oldest son is finally excelling. My middle son is having issues, but due to hearing trouble. And my daughter is ready to move up in grades ahead of her class. Because they are doing well, I decided to put in some effort in. The paper they sent offered ideas for each day of the week. 

Monday - flowers
Tuesday - sweet treats
Wednesday - bottled beverage
Thursday - personal thank you notes
Friday - something of your own design

Right now, I am still without a job. Which means I don't have spare change to blow. At first I thought I would just make some paper flowers.
But then I thought, why not do more? I had some chocolates, some colorful paper, some bottles of water... I would create a gift that encompassed everything on the list! I cut out flowers from the paper and glued them together. Then I hot glued the piece of chocolate to the center of the flower. I wrote appreciative encouragement and quotes on some of the leaves. And finally, I attached the completed flower to a bottle of water. Voila! 
My kids have a unique gift for their teacher. I'm also making something for my future sister-in-law who is a teacher. Though hers will be a little more in substance and include some adult beverages. You know. For those days when she wants to pull her hair out and scream.

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