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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Label Daddy is here to help!

Summer vacations, camps and cadet outings are just around the corner. Its time to get your name labels ready. Plus, you want to be ready to label everything for the back to school rush. Keeping everything labeled and clearly marked as belonging to your child will cut down on the confusion and arguments of who owns what. I know last year,  both my boys ended up with ninja jackets that were exactly the same even in the size. Having their names inside was a tremendous help to know which was which. And to keep them fighting over who got to wear the clean one.

Label Daddy is teaming up with US Family Guide to promote their amazing labels. They fit where you need them, are super durable, and washable. I LOVE them! This time, I got some for my little sister. She is getting ready to start school next year. So Mom will be needing to label her supplies. My mom will also be looking into getting some for my brothers who are in Sea Cadets as well as school. She has seen my rave reviews on here often as well as the real product in person and liked them very much. 

I highly recommend you try them out. Packages start at $20. And they have a variety of packages to suit your needs. Plus, they are super easy to use. Plug in your required information and pick your colors, fonts, or theme. They handle the rest!
Don't forget to use the code USFAMILY25 for 25% off at checkout!


  1. These are such a good high quality project. They come many in the package also. You will be able to use these for years.

  2. I agree! I still have some for Ana and Allen. I think I finally used the last one Stephen had. LOVE these.