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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Emerald brand review via Shoplet

I’m all for healthier living and environment protection. I’ll try anything at least once to   determine if it is something worthy of its cause. This is one such product I took a chance on. Shoplet.com is partnering with Emerald Brand to build up awareness of their 70% tree free paper products.
A few facts to consider when thinking about why this product is unique.
Using Tree-Free products would cut back on the amount of hardwood trees that are cut down every year. They utilize agricultural by-products that would otherwise be burned. These by-products are rapidly renewable, so its incredibly wasteful as well as harmful to local communities that inhale the smoke.
Emerald gets their hands on these by-products to take them out of the wasted piles and put them into use. They are BPA and chlorine free. I like what they are trying to do. Creating less waste and making healthy living a reality.

Now for the gritty part. I've used the Facial Tissues. I took them to work where everyone around me was sick. My supervisor and myself are the go-to for tissues, paper towels and Lysol wipes. Not sure how that happened, but it is what it is. The first person to use the tissues had an immediate response against them. They are course. Thick as a regular tissue, but lacking the softness that the raw human nose needs. I could actually use them as napkins. My suggestion to Emerald would be to add a little softener or lotion to them. These come in a case of 36 for $76.63 making each box about $2.12 a piece.

I also received the pocket pack. These come in pocket sized packs that are easy to carry. You can buy a case of 240 for $90.01 making each one about .37.
I have the Bath Tissue in my downstairs visitor bathroom. They are very similar to regular brands of toilet paper we have used. Maybe a little thinner than the local brand. They work just as well. The top side is soft, the underside has a pattern that makes it feel courser. I do like how they are septic safe. You can get a case of them from Shoplet.com for $95.80. It comes with 96 double rolls of 500 sheets each. This makes them about $1 a roll.
Overall, I suggest the toilet paper. The tissues need work. What do you think? Would you try them? Do you think their cause is worth it? Don't forget to look for yourself around Shoplet.com. They are the largest e-tailer of office supplies. They also have office furniture, medical supplies, and cleaning supplies.