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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Celebrating 29 years

I'm not a big party animal. I don't go out much, I haven't had a drink in a year at least, and I don't like the crazy scenes. So this year, my birthday was spent doing things I love. Mostly. I admit that I spent part of it at a clinic being seen for an ongoing illness that caused me to miss work last week.
It is no fun being sick on your birthday weekend. Coughing until your back hurts and a migraine kicks in, is nowhere near my idea of fun. But it is what it is. Outside of that, I made the most of my day. We had a friend watch the girls while we took the boys to see the new Star Wars movie finally. Rogue One was worth the wait! I loved it and I really do need to watch the original trilogy as finally fit together... Then we came home to have a quick and easy dinner AFTER cake and ice cream.
My fiancé grabbed a chocolate cake with strawberries, my favorite! Then we all gathered while I opened my presents. I'm blessed to have so many who love me. I am reminded of that daily. Everyone wished me well and also checked to see how I was doing.

Despite being sick, I think this was the best birthday so far. I had my children, who are all getting over their sickness.
I have my fiancé who goes out of his way to make every day special for me. And I have two sides of my growing family that loves and cares about us. Nothing could be better than that.