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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Time to get organized

Let's face it, I'm always trying to stay organized. Every day I seek to keep my to-do list, my home, and my kids on track. Next month starts a new year. And with it comes a lot of changes. I've been slacking with my pregnancy, but I'm getting back into the groove of things. To help me in my endeavors, I've got this nifty At-A-Glance planner that was sent to be reviewed by Shoplet.com.
Shoplet is the largest e-tailer of office supplies. They have a great selection for your home and business office needs. They also carry a variety of cleaning supplies, medical supplies, and office furniture.
This planner goes weekly and monthly through 2017.
It gives you equal spaces for weekends as it does for weekdays. I prefer this since my weekends are usually just as busy as my week days.
There are also monthly tabs to help you find things quicker. It's 8.5 x 11 inches. As much as I like having a pocket sized one for my purse, this one won't get lost in the clutter. I'm also loving the purple cover and the design it has. I'm not for being fancy, but I do like a little creativity in my life. One other thing I find very interesting about this planner, is that it tells you what day and how many days are left in the year! So January 1st is day 1/364.
The 2nd is 2/363. Got a hot date coming in the next year? Keep track of how many more days you have to wait! Or... watch the days past and reflect on what you've been filling them with. Are you living up to your fullest potential?

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