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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Gift ideas for the new mom that you might never have considered

Lately I've been thinking about some gift ideas that I wish I had thought of before having my baby. Things that usually don't end up on the registry or that maybe I had a moment of thinking about, but would never have asked for. But in hindsight, let's be real, sometimes asking for those things is better than saying, "I'm not really sure, so get whatever you think I might need." Which is sorta what I did. As a seasoned mother, I knew what I could live without (swing) and what I couldn't (cloth diapers/spit rags). This wasn't my first rodeo. Though you better believe it when I say it will be my last (just got scheduled for a little snippety snip this month).
So I was expecting the usual. Diapers, wipes, gift cards, newborn outfits out the wazoo. Funny that I didn't get those newborn outfits as much. I only received a handful. I had to buy gowns for her since I only had one and those things are AMAZING. And will be first on my list...

Numero uno: Baby gowns. Every new mom should have them. They make those midnight diaper changings soooo much simpler. Nothing like a squirming baby, lack of light, lack of sleep and snaps. You wake up the next morning and it looks like your 4 year old snapped up the front blindfolded. Plus if your baby is like mine, she didn't fit her newborn footed outfits too well. She would kick and stretch until both legs were tangled inside. Even better if you get the ones with built-in mittens.

Next up, nursing clothes or a gift card to get said clothes. Sure its fun to buy for the baby, but if you know Mom is planning to breastfeed, help her out! Nursing clothes aren't cheap. I had a hard time finding used ones. So I ended up just going with nursing camisoles and button up plaid shirts. But even cami tops are $25 a piece. Remember that Mom has to care for herself in order to care for baby. I think even I forget that at times. I get so caught up with doing what is needed for everyone else, that I lose track of what is going on with me. Point in case - how many times I've skipped a meal lately... Talk about the migraines I get later. Or the fact I am not getting enough water. Breast milk isn't being produced as much as I need it to be. So keep Mom's needs in mind as well as the baby's.

Walk Away the Pounds DVD's are fantastic.
You can't give these to just anyone though. You have to know the lady and know what her feelings about her weight and losing it will be. I'm very self conscious about my weight. I fully intend to lose all the baby fat by next June. Partly because I'll be getting married then, but mostly because I look at myself in the mirror and hate what I see. I plan to start using mine again. Just need to find times when the fiancé isn't around. Yep, self conscious around even him.

Baby Tongue/Gum Brushes are great for cleaning off the milk residue that babies have after feedings. I'm wishing I had gotten one. And now I'm finding it hard to get one. They used to sell the kind that fits on your finger.
Seeing the residue on my girls tongue makes me wish I had one.

Delivered Meals or Desserts are always welcomed. Notice I say desserts too. Do you know how often I've craved cookies or a slice of cake. But I'm too tired to make them myself most times. Granted, with wanting to lose weight, I suppose its for the best. But still... cravings are there at random times.

Nightlights are amazing. Waking up for those early morning feedings and changings, you really don't want to turn on blinding lights. Then you run the risk of waking up the baby and thus never getting sleep you desperately need. You also don't want to risk tripping over things, stubbing your toes, or even grabbing the wrong item for a diaper changing. My fiancé set up the 3D FX Death Star light.

If I absolutely need more light, I use the closet light. But baby girl likes the pattern on the wall from this one too.
Forget mittens. Get the baby socks. For their feet and hands. Okay, I know you are probably scratching your head at this. But let me explain it to you. This applies only to tall women having long babies. They typically have longer fingers and feet than other babies. And what I've learned, is that those mittens don't fit unless the baby never stretches their fingers out. It only works on permanent fists. She stretches, those mittens drop off. And then you can't cut the babies nails too soon. Too difficult. So those little razors flail through the air and usually scratch the tar out of themselves or Mom. She might look silly in the socks, but they work wonders when she's in long sleeves onesies.
No, they don't work well in short sleeves.

So what else have you found is a gift that gets overlooked, but is completely worth putting thought into? Share in the comments below!