Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Target 50% toy deals

It's that time of year again. From November 1st until December 24th, a new toy deal will be in Cartwheel giving you half off.
There are the occasional deals worth going for. So if you do still shop at Target, keep your eyes open. November 1st had this deal - half off the Kinetic Rock-Rock Crusher. 
November 2nd was the Minnie Mouse table and chair set. 
And today's deal is Finding Dory Swigglefish Multipack. 
Quite frankly, I'm giving up shopping at Target and Walmart these days. I'm thinking its time to stick with Amazon and HEB. I can get equally or better deals. Unless there is something I need last minute, I'm moving away from the big box stores with questionable policies, bad customer service, and let's face it - having to be around their clientele... Walmart has some real doozies. Why else did someone create the name Walmartians and the website devoted to pictures of the people that shop there? I prefer shopping from home... Less stress with kids too. 

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