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Monday, November 14, 2016

Tale as old time....

Song as old rhyme. Beauty and the beast!
Sorry, happens to be my all time favorite princess story. Belle was the enchanting, nerdy princess. She did fear the ugliness of appearances. She shunned the ignorant, chauvinist jerk. And found that it is what lies within that truly matters. 
I'm still wary of the movie coming out March 17, 2017. Emma Watson is not a particular favorite of mine. And having Ewan McGregor as the voice for Lumiere doesn't sound quite right. In the animated version, Jerry Orbach was the voice and what a voice it was! He made Lumiere the perfect character of charm and charisma. Ewan doesn't have the right accent for this job.
But I suppose we will have to see...


  1. I think it is good that it is like the cartoon everyone fell in love with. Most movies these days make up a total new version and then it stinks. I don't like the actress who plays Belle. She doesn't seem to fit the part in this clip but that is Disney making mistakes again!!

    1. I agree! Live action needs to follow the animated versions. Those versions have withstood the test of time. And this actress isn't someone I would have chosen either.