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Friday, November 4, 2016

She's almost here...

Last month flew by far too quickly. I feel like the more I accomplish, the longer my to-do list grows. As far as being ready for the birth of my baby girl, we have everything we need to start off with. I'm sure as time passes, we will find things around here that we are going to have to go get. But its all little things. Her clothes are washed and sorted. She has plenty of bath supplies. We have the car seat ready in my fiancé's car (hopefully he will be driving me to the hospital when I go in labor). I've packed our fantastic tactical diaper bag that I got from Think Geek. Sadly, they no longer sell them. I was going to post a link. This thing is awesome! My fiancé can take it and not feel feminized. There are swappable tags for Mom and Dad to use depending on who has the baby out and about.
It has pockets galore to keep everything organized. At the moment, we have some of the normal things a diaper bag is to carry.
We also have a change of clothing for me, a change of clothing for my fiancé, going home outfit for Meagan, baby book, and this wonderful blanket that my sister handmade.
While I keep hearing that she hasn't "dropped" still, I'm hoping and praying she comes soon. I'm now at 37 weeks and completely wiped....

We didn't do Halloween. But we have all done other things to have a fun-filled month. My oldest son turned 8 years old.
Time flies by so quickly!
My fiancé and I decided to start planning our wedding for next summer. I had forgotten how much work goes into one. Dress, songs, cake, venue, photographer... The list goes on. The most important being the venue. Without that, we can't plan anything else. So in the midst of daily life and preparing for a newborn that should arrive any time now... We are truly swamped. This month we have those plans, baby due, Thanksgiving Day... Need I say more?
But I can't tell you how blessed I feel through it all.
How much we are truly loved. And how supportive everyone has been about everything. In the end, that is what really matters. 


  1. Life has it's busy seasons. Kids are a main part of that. Enjoy every moment because 1 day they will be behind you for good.